Thank you so much for participating in our talk! This is a follow-up to Riaz and my talk on Designing for Play: What Interaction Design Can Learn from Video Games at interaction 16 in Helsinki, Finland. I’ll be recapping the talk sometime later for those of you who haven’t seen it.

Some folks have asked us for a list of the resources and games we used, and so I’d like to provide you with a list, organized by video game design principle, of all the games we referenced in our talk.

Video games are across a variety of platforms and sometimes these games span different systems, so in my list I will be including only the latest system on which these games are available (assuming you don’t want to dust off your old SNES to play some of these).

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 4.11.54 PMGames which teach you how to play them as you are playing them.

The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker by Nintendo (Wii U)
The Last of Us by Naughty Dog (PlayStation 3)Grim Fandango by LucasArts + Tim Schafer (Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, Android, PlayStation 3, 4, PSVita)
80 Days by inkle studios (Mac, iOS, Android, Windows)

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 4.13.08 PMGames that utilize failure as a point of learning and growth.

Super Mario World by Nintendo (Web-based)
A Dark Room by Doublespeak Games (Web-based)
Scribblenauts by 5th Cell (Mac, PC, iOS, Nintendo DS, 3DS, WiiU)
The Secret of Monkey Island by LucasArts (Mac, iOS, Windows, PlayStation 3, XBox 360)

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 4.13.56 PMGames that allow you to interact meaningfully with other players.

TMNT: Turtles in Time by Konami (used to be on arcade/SNES, now only videos and emulators remain)
Tetris Party by Hudson Soft (Wii, Wii U)
Destiny by Bungie (PlayStation 3, 4, XBox 360, XBoxOne)
SpaceTeam by Henry Smith (iOS, Android)

(I would also be remiss in not mentioning thatgamecompany, which made Journey (PlayStation 3), which is an excellent example of a co-op game experience that nudges players towards collaborating constructively rather than destructively.)

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 4.15.24 PMGames that give you choices that fundamentally affect your experiences.

Heavy Rain by Quantic Dream (PlayStation 3)
Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors by Spike Chunsoft (Nintendo DS)
Spec Ops: The Line by Yager Development (Mac, PC, Linux, PlayStation 3, XBox 360)
Undertale by Toby Fox  (Mac, PC)

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 4.16.35 PMGames that allow you to build your own world.

Super Mario Maker by Nintendo (Wii U)
Minecraft by Mojang (Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, XBox 360, XBox One, PlayStation 3, 4, Wii U)
Black and White by Lionhead Studios (Mac, PC)
Dreams by Media Molecule (PlayStation 4)

This is just a small collection of fascinating video games, and there are many other stellar games to choose from. If you want to get in touch with Riaz or myself or get more video game recommendations, please tweet us at @chostett and @ahmedriaz or continue the discussion at #design4play.