I posted on the blog at the Austin Center for Design that a fire had been awakened in me once I learned about graphic recording. I found it to be fascinating (as a designer and a cartoonist) and a tool I could use to re-engage with lectures.

Engaging in a lecture at school was easy enough, so I decided to try my hand at a more difficult venue: the IGDA Microtalks in Austin last Friday.

The IGDA microtalks are intended to bring prominent game developers, artists, and designers in the Austin community and have them speak for 10 minutes on the subject of their choosing. This year, the president of the Austin chapter of IGDA chose a topic: Home for the Holidays, or, why we should be developing games in Austin.

This is a subject that’s very near and dear to my heart, as I do development in my spare time, and I love Austin. I think it’s a perfect mixture of tech and art, and we’re in a space to grow and thrive as much if not more than studios in California or New York.

Graphically recording this talk was hard. I hadn’t realized how much I rely on pauses in conversation to finish up a sketch, or the extra time spent on a specific subject to plan out different parts of the page, but these sketch notes were much different than my first set.














Overall, I think that the talks were really hard to process all at once—there were so many speakers with such great ideas that I didn’t know where to start. Drawing in the abstract can be somewhat difficult, and a lot of the speakers had a lot of emotional discourse about what it means to be a game developer in Austin.

To those folks who spoke at the IGDA, thank you for sharing your thoughts and time with me! I hope that these notes at least did a little bit of justice to all of your fantastic talks.